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Update: Commissions opportunities are currently closed. Below is some handy info for when we reopen.

I absolutely adore creating special artworks that are unique to you and your story. My favourite part is the initial FaceTime/zoom conversations where everyone is excited to share their ideas and talk about the things they love. The spark! I also love when my clients receive their colour charts and get to pick what suits... and of course the feeling I get when I'm spot on. The last but not least favourite part is when the client receives the completed artwork made especially for them - super spesh.

I only work on one commission at a time, as I like to spend my full energy focussed on that artwork without alternative influences. That means there's limited spots available per year. If you'd like to have a chat about my availability, feel free to reach out at In the meantime, here's some info about my commissioning process.

What is a commission?

A commission is a newly created artwork by the artist, that is based on the clients vision - its a collaboration if you like, that brings to life new art that is unique to you. Sometimes a client might like a painting in a collection release but it's the wrong size, has too much of a particular colour in it, or perhaps it's the wrong species of plant. If you've ever looked at an artwork and really loved it but had suggestions to make changes, then a commission may be for you. 

Isn't it really expensive? 

My commissioning prices are similar to the original artwork prices listed on my website, which is all based on size. Our initial consultation is free because that's where we get to discuss your vision, and if I think I can make it come to life. If we decide to proceed there is an additional commissioning fee which covers all of our consultations throughout the commission process and that's just about it. As the artwork is made over a longer period of time, we can tailor a payment arrangement in the contract over the specified time period if that is helpful to you. 

How long does it take?

Timelines will vary depending on the size of the artwork and whether we are creating something based of what has already been created or if we are venturing off into the land of brand spanking new. If I had to put a standard timeframe on it, i'd say usually about 6-8 weeks from concept to completion. If you have chosen framing, we will advise the turn around time with the supplier and add this to the timeframe. 

What about the shipping?

We have teamed up with a superstar supplier who does all of our stretching, framing and shipping. I will send my commissions through the suppliers shipping because they have awesome deals with several couriers across Australia, that are all flat rate shipping.

If you are international please kindly send me an email so that I can obtain a quote for you which will include the international taxes. 

What are some things I should consider before a consult?

Here's a few questions you may like to consider before a consultation: 

- Who is this artwork for? What would you like the subject matter to be? Where is this artwork going to hang? What size would I like it to be? What is my budget? 
- What artworks have I seen that I like? What would I change about them? What are my favourite colours? What's my favourite season?
- What artworks didn't resonate with me? What was it about them? What colours do I dislike?
- Is there any special meaning behind why this work is being created? How involved would you like to be throughout the process? How would you like to be contacted or kept up to date? 

If you're someone who would prefer to talk things through, please send an email at and we can set up an appointment to have a chat via phone.

With love, 


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