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Hi, I’m Steph and I’m the creator behind Steph Brooke Studio.  

My earliest memories of being interested in art are from when I was a small child and my mum invented a ‘busy bag’ for me, that I could take everywhere I went. The sketchbooks were bent and the zipper wouldn’t shut with all the papers, pencils, crayons and textas - lids off, dried out of course! If I wasn’t drawing we were gardening or on the boat fishing, and to this day not much has changed at all. New additions to the busy bag would include red wine and the blues of Aretha Franklin and jazz sounds of pretty much anything on the internet. Brownie points for a little saxophone. 

I’ve tried lots of careers in my short life; I’ve studied Nursing and worked in aged care, graphic design and my late corporate career was in investment management. I feel very grateful now to have found my groove as a self taught painter, because I was becoming very tired of looking for my ‘thing.’

Initially I started painting to put colour on the walls of our home, and to be honest it has become quite out of control from there. With the love and support of my beautiful partner, family, friends and community I have been able to pursue my dreams in being an artist. 

Now I spend my days painting and gardening at my home studio on our rural block in Darwin. I love and exploring the Top End for inspiration, which is pretty lucky because since COVID it hasn’t been too easy to leave. 

I feel very grateful to have the opportunity to share my artistic journey with you, and appreciate the time you took to read a little about me. I'm a 'thousand miles an hour' type of gal, so i'm excited to see how this creative rollercoaster evolves. 

I hope you saw something that made you smile today and had the capacity to pass it on. 

With love, 



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