Steph Brooke x Pillow Talk Collaboration

Reflections on the beautiful collaboration with Pillowtalk: Allow me to share the journey that unfolded, blending the worlds of comfort and creativity.

In the realm of comfort, Pillow Talk stands as a beacon for over 40 years. Their commitment to sourcing the finest materials and techniques mirrors a profound dedication to the essence of comfort. For me, this collaboration was an invitation to contribute to their legacy—a chance to infuse comfort not just physically, but also in the confidence of home.

Art became my sanctuary, a realm where colours spoke louder than words. Now, nestled in my home studio in Darwin, I embraced the opportunity to collaborate with a brand synonymous with comfort.

Initiated by Pillow Talk, the collaboration was guided by the hands of their incredibly talented team. The creative process unfolded with Pillow Talk offering a brief and a colour palette. A journey to Alice Springs served as the muse, with the Desert Rose inspiring the palette for “Rosa," and “Rosewater Blooms” the artworks that became the cornerstone of our collaboration. 

Pillow Talk's team deserves a special mention for their understanding during my less-than-optimal health. The joy, however, eclipsed any discomfort, especially when my goddaughter proudly paraded a Pillow Talk creation, exclaiming, "My Aunty made this!" A heartfelt reminder of the beauty that emerges from collaboration.

As the collaboration reached its culmination, the unveiling was met with awe and appreciation. The original canvas transformed into the focal point of a monumental competition, and our creations became Pillow Talk's top sellers. The unexpected honour of gracing the cover of the Autumn catalog across 82 stores was a surreal moment—a testament to the harmonious blend of two creative worlds.

Reflecting on this collaboration, I extend my deepest gratitude to Pillow Talk for their meticulous execution, transforming ideas into tangible expressions of comfort. The engagement from my followers, the pride of my loved ones, and the success of the collection have created ripples of fulfilment in my creative journey. Until the next canvas beckons and another collaboration unfolds, I remain humbled by the beauty that arises when comfort and creativity converge.

With Love,